Alajuela Commercial Rentals

Alajuela has a strategic location on the west side of Heredia and San Jose. The Panamerican Highway goes through it, making it an ideal location for businesses serving Guanacaste and Puntarenas coastal businesses.

Keep in mind that Alajuela is the name of the city but is also sits within the Province of Alajuela.

Additionally, Juan Santamaria International Airport is located in Alajuela, so logistics are simplified in the area from locations such as the Coyal Business Park and Free Zone.

The airport serves as a center of commerce for import and export. You will find many of the zonas francas (tax free zones) in Alajuela as international business makes use of the largest airport in the country.

There are also lots of suburbanite professionals living in Alajuela that work in San Jose, so business to consumer locations are plentiful and viable. Alajuela is actually the country’s second largest city.

You will find commercial rentals in Alajuela ranging from malls, restaurants, and shops to mechanics, hardware stores, office centers and more in the area. Prices vary to a great degree between some of the more upscale and secure office parks and older construction in the center of Alajuela, which is smaller and cheaper but lacks parking and other amenities.

San Jose is a short drive away and reaching the Pacific Coast from Alajuela is easy because San Jose center can be avoided.