Curridabat Commercial Rentals

Located on the east side of San Jose in the Central Valley, Curridabat has a suburban feel.

There are higher density older sections where commercial properties such as stores, offices and restaurants occupy the ground floor of buildings that have apartments on top.

There are also modern office centers with multiple tenants using the same entrance.

Many former homes have been converted to office for professionals such as attorneys, accountants, web designers, and more

Curridabat commercial rentals are interspersed throughout the area and offer proximity to downtown San Jose, to the various residential areas. There are also mechanics and various hardware and building supply vendors along the easier to navigate roads such as the old highway to Cartago.

There are also a number of car dealerships along the highway along with auto supply stores.

Many of the establishments cater to an upscale crowd as there are many affluent business people who make the area their home.