Golfito Commercial Rentals

Located near the border with Panama and on the Golfo Dulce, Golfito Costa Rica has a surprisingly large commercial importance for such a remote area.

There is a tax free zone in Golfito and the area is known throughout Costa Rica as a good place to buy appliances because they come from Panama and are very affordable. People drive trucks down to the area and return with televisions, ovens and refrigerators for homes elsewhere.

Additionally, there is a port at Golfito that caters to deep sea fisherman. There are marinas, grocery stores and fishing supply retail in the area that cater to this market.

Residential development started during the real estate boom and continues but slower. Ocean view homes are located in the hills around Golfito with views of the Golfo Dulce.

Golfito also serves as the commercial hub for more remote areas of turist interest such as Pavones and Zancudo.

Arriving in Golfito is relatively easy. Take the Panamerican highway south towards Panama and follow the signs to the right. There is also a national airport that makes access easy from San Jose.