Limon Commercial Rentals

Limon commercial rentals are of strategic importance because Limon is the functioning commercial port on the Caribbean side of Costa Rica. The other port is Caldera on the Pacific side.

Goods from all over the world flow into the Aduana (customs) at Limon. There are also facilities to handle the export as well, with much of the fruit grown in the country passing out of Costa Rica through Limon.

In addition to the businesses that work with the port, Limon is a fairly large town for Costa Rica and has all of the types of commercial rentals you would expect: offices, retail, shops, restaurants, and larger spaces for hardware and grocery stores found in neighborhoods such as Jamaica Town, the Zona Americana and Pueblo Nuevo.

Note that there is much more of an English speaking culture on the Carribbean side of the country as many immigrants arrived from the West Indies to work on the banana plantations.

Limon has a highway directly into San Jose that passes through Guacimo and Guapiles on which the various good pass into the capital. The various buses running up and down the Carribbean side of the country stop in Limon as well.

Limon is also the most developed place on the Caribbean coast of Costa Rica and serves as the commercial hub for less populated areas such as Tortuguero, Puerto Viejo and more that are of interest touristically.