San Pedro Commercial Rentals

San Pedro lies on the eastern side of downtown San Jose and is easily recognized when you see Mall San Pedro in the system. The multi level mall is very distinct with its jungle theme facing Calle Las Rotundas.

San Pedro commercial rentals are heavily designed for retail and restaurants around the mall as the area is a main thoroughfare for people crossing downtown via the old roads or Calle Las Rotundas. These establishments are frequented by residents of older residential areas such as Barrio Dent, Barrio Escalante and others.  You will find former residences in these areas converted into offices and other establishments such as art galleries, yoga studios and other uses.

San Pedro is also home to the Uninversity of Costa Rica, so there are always students all over the area. Many of the commercial spaces in that area cater to students. Bars and restaurants as well as technology stores, printing and other services are there.

Plenty of office space can be found in San Pedro as the area is very central to downtown and the suburbs of Curridibat, Zapote and Tres Rios and Cartago further away.