Santa Ana Commercial Rentals

Santa Ana is a commercial hub for high end retail, office and entertainment in the Central Valley.

The old town of Santa Ana still exists but new development is centered between Alajuela and the toll road through Ciudad Colon to the beaches. Many residential communities have sprung up with shopping and other services in the area there to support them.

Additionally, Santa Ana has some of the more upscale office developments in Costa Rica in Forum and Forum II. Easy access to San Jose is through the highway that runs into La Sabana and Escazu is even closer.

On the other side of Santa Ana, Ciudad Colon has started growing.

There are all kinds of commercial rentals in Santa Ana from huge office spaces to small shops. The older part of Santa is up the hill from the Pista in the Cruz Roja area. The area between the pista and Alajuela has many shops, restaurants and office centers.

Traffic can be an issue at rush hour.

Rental rates in trendy part of Santa Ana are some of the higher in the area due to the proximity to quality housing and the growth in the area. The older part of Santa Anas has less expensive options.