Office Centers

Office centers in Costa Rica range in size and type as they do anywhere else.  You can find modern centers with restaurant spaces, carwashes, parks and other spaces included in the design as well as more typical older buildings.

Downtown San Jose has mostly vertical office spaces but the suburbs of Escazu, Santa Ana and Curridibat have some more aesthetically pleasing options with plazas, trees, open spaces, and more interesting archictecture.

Forum, Forum II, and Plaza Roble are some of the more upscale office centers and where you will typically find multinationals. You will also find office space in other parts of the country such as Solarium by the Liberia Airport and in the larger towns such as Liberia, Limon, Perez Zeledon and other areas.

Important considerations when it comes to Costa Rica office centers include how easy they are to find, proximity to the highway, traffic, parking, security, insurance, neighbors and maintenance. A tenant may be required to pay a proportion of the maintenance of the building as part of the lease.

In terms of volume of traffic, pedestrians, cars and more, there is no comparision between the Central Valley and other parts of the country.  Population density is far higher than in the coastal areas. Complimentary businesses are far more likely to be found in the areas around San Jose as well.

Some spaces are rented completed and occassionally even with furniture and some must be finished out by the tenant. Be sure that the terms of the agreement are well established in the lease.

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