La Cruz Long Term Rentals

A long term rental in La Cruz, Costa Rica is a great way to experience the area around Bahia Salinas. The town of La Cruz sits on a plateau overlooking the bay and Nicaragua on the North Shore.

Bahia Salinas along with Lake Arenal is world renowning for wind and kite surfing conditions. Santa Rosa National Park is just south and gives you access to incredible natural beauty including Witch’s Rock, one of the most famous traditional surf locations in Costa Rica.

There is also a great diving spot at Islas Murcialago or the “Bat Islands.” All in all, renting in La Cruz is a great way to give yourself access to tons of great water sports.

La Cruz is the closest town of any size to Peñas Blancas, the border crossing into Nicaragua.  The area is of historical significance as William Walker’s advance was stopped in La Cruz. In modern times there are small sodas and limited shopping in this sleepy town.

Rental options are limited to homes and apartments in the area. For the most part, the area remains undeveloped as the park and highway separate it from Liberia and the beaches in that area. There are now some becah houses in the coastal zones but nothing compared to what you will find in more touristic areas like Manuel Antonio or Jaco.