Monteverde Long Term Rentals

Monteverde is the #1 tourist destination in Costa Rica but there is also a thriving community of permanent residents. One major influence on this is the existence of a quality private school.

Located up in the cloud forests, access to Monteverde is not that simple when the roads have not been maintained recently. A four wheel drive vehicle is recommended if you will be coming and going a lot.

On the bright side, the area has some of the most fantastic biodiversity in the world in the cloud forest. Scientists are at work constantly in the area and guided tours are always available.

Many homes are available for rent in the area. There are also guest houses and cabinas in the denser part of the area, where most of the hotels can be found.

Families from all over the world like to rent in Monteverde because they can expose their children to the incredible biodiversity as well as the Spanish language and Costa Rican culture.

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