San Isidro Long Term Rentals

Located in the river valley of the Rio General and on the slopes of the Talamanca mountain range, San Isidro del General is a sizeable town and agricultural hub for the Southern Zone of Costa Rica, with access south via the Panamerican Highway and also a road directly to Playa Dominical.

San Isidro is laid back town with a nice climate due its elevation above sea level. You will find a central part of town laid out in blocks with apartments above commercial shops. On the outskirts there are homes built on lots with land and gardens, and these are the two principal types of rentals in San Isidro.

Although San Isidro is in San Jose province, access to San Jose is over the Cerro de la Muerte, a treacherous mountain highway that is frequently covered by low clouds with many twists and turns. Caution is advised when taking this route and driving times are longer than one might expect for the distance.

Look for affordable rental prices in San Isidro as it not a touristic location except that it gives you access to national parks in the area including Chirripo National Park, the tallest point in Costa Rica. There are a number of expatriots from all over the world that make San Isidro home already.