San Jose Long Term Rentals

The capital of Costa Rica, San Jose, is also the name of the province in which it sits. This page is about long term rentals in the city of San Jose, but other areas listed on For Rent Costa Rica in the province of San Jose and the metropolitan area include: Escazu, Rohrmoser, La Sabana, Curridibat and Santa Ana.

Rentals in the city are either older homes that generally share lot lines with their neighbors or apartments, which often have commercial space on the first floor facing the crowded streets of San Jose. Public transporation is easy to find in the area. Many smaller stores make the capital home as well as the central market area.

Culture in the area includes the Teatro Nacional, the Jade Museum, the Gold Museum and other places of interest.

Many of the nicer rental homes sit in areas on either side of the center as the center of San Jose is high density commercial and office buildings for the most part. San Pedro, Barrio Amon, Barrio Escalante, Barrio Dent and Los Yoses are areas largest enough to have names but not large enough to have their own page on For Rent Costa Rica. You will find luxury homes as well as condos and apartments for rent long term in these areas.  Mall San Pedro is walking distance as are supermarkets and many other shops and restaurants.