Tamarindo Long Term Rentals

Long term rentals in Tamarindo get rented by different types of people. Many people rent in Tamarindo when they are hired in the area at the various tourism related projects. There is also a population of expats who rent in Tamarindo who choose the location to get their feet wet for living in Costa Rica. A third group is both foreigners and nationals who locate in Tamarindo and work via internet all over the world.

Tamarindo long term rental prices are not as low as availabe in the Central Valley or less popular areas. For those looking to be in the Tamarindo area but more affordable rent, there are options away from the beach in areas like Villareal, La Josefina and Santa Rosa with lower residential rents.

In Tamarindo proper, there are cabinas and small apartments up through luxury single family homes and penthouses available for rent. Size, finishing and amenities including ocean views cause prices to fluctuate. Langosta typically is a little bit more expensive than the long term rentals nearer to Tamarindo Beach.

Most rentals in Tamarindo are furnished because they were bought as second homes and now are on the long term rental market.

Some of the things that draw people to Tamarindo are the gorgeous beach, the tons of great international restaurants, and easy walk to everything. There is nightlife unlike some of the sleepier coastal towns. Tamarindo is a hub so it has a full sized grocery store, banks, appliance stores, rental car companies, and office supplies. There is also great surf arround Tamarindo. Many people work around the tide schedule.

Access is easy to Liberia Airport (1 hour). There is also a national airport in Tamarindo with flights to San Jose that are less than an hour.

Many long term rentals in Tamarindo are run by property management companies and not the owners directly since much of the town is owned by peope who live elsewhere.