Malpais Vacation Rentals

Located off the beaten track at the southern end of the Nicoya Peninsula, Mal Pais vacation rentals are at “the end of the road” on the other side of local county hub, Cobano.

Current Malpais Vacation Rentals

Mal Pais Costa Rica

Mal Pais Costa Rica

Mal Pais ends at a quaint fishing village and then the road goes into the Cabo Blanco nature preserve.

Vacation homes for rent are located either in the flat section of land between the coastal road and the beach just a hop, skip and a jump to the beach or on the sharply rising hill side with spectacular views of the Pacific Ocean.

Malpais and neighboring Santa Teresa are very cosmopolitan for such small places. People from all over the world make their home there so you find incredible shopping and interesting shopping.

You also see the international influence in the architecture. Homes in the area are made to be at home with nature and can be breathtaking.