Manuel Antonio Vacation Rentals

Manuel Antonio vacation rentals are some of the most impressive in the country. Huge homes and condos are built on the slopes that run dramatically down into the Pacific Ocean.

Current Manuel Antonio Vacation Rentals

Manuel Antonio Alquiler Vacacional

Manuel Antonio Vacation Rentals

Manuel Antonio is easily accessible from both San Jose and Liberia airports. The coastal road runs outside of Quepos, the small town at the base of the hills that encompass Manuel Antonio. For those arriving by car it means taking the turn for Quepos and following the signs. You will pass the Marina Pez Vela, home to world class sport fishing charters, before arriving at Manuel Antonio.

Start climbing the hill in Manuel Antonio and see decorative gates on both sides that lead to some of the country’s most amazing neighborhoods. A main road runs along the spine of the spectacular hills and feeds into very picturesque residential communities on both sides.

Manuel Antonio Costa Rica View

Manuel Antonio Costa rica View

A typical villa in Manuel Antonio is built into the side of hills and has several levels of terraces around the front that face the Pacific, the islands in the distance, and the sunset. These houses are architecturally stunning and often appear in international real estate publications that highlight a unique design.

Many people choose Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica as a destination for a wedding and/or honeymoon. Rentals homes listed on For Rent Costa Rica will have owners and managers happy to talk about the extras you might want for such a momentous occasion.

Tourists in the area enjoy many of the great things that Costa Rica has to offer. There are restaurants with amazing views of the Pacific. Some of them are an experience in themselves such as El Avion, which is built around a military cargo plane that the US used to fly guns into Nicaragua during the Iran-Contra affair. It was reassembled at the top of one of the cliffs.

There is also some of the world’s best sport fishing, which is accessed through the marina in Quepos, a few miles away. You can also find a beautiful beach at the base of the hills at the southern end of the Manuel Antonio National Park .

Manuel Antonio National Park is one of Costa Rica’s most visited parks because so many amazing animals are frequently seen there. It is also a beautiful setting right bordering the Pacific Ocean. The main road through the city leads directly to the park if you go south.

For larger groups, vacation rentals in Manuel Antonio are a good choice because the size of some of the houses is amazing. Groups of twenty and larger can be accommodated in some of the vacation homes.

You can also find more information on nearby Quepos, home of the marina , several restaurants, and many tour companies.