Nosara Vacation Rentals

Current Nosara Vacation Rentals

If you are looking for a picturesque community of expatriates and nationals, which has large areas of unpaved roads and a tranquil atmosphere, look no further than Nosara, on the Nicoya Peninsula between Samara and Ostional.

Nosara itself is 6 miles inland from the beach and is where the smaller local airport is located, with access to San Jose and beyond through local carriers Nature Air and Sansa. However, when most people talk about Nosara, what they are really talking about is the three beaches in the area . Guiones is the most developed with Garza and Pelada having vacation rental options as well. Ostional is to the north and if you keep going, you can get to Paraiso, Marbella and the areas surrounding Tamarindo.

Nosara seems to be at peace with nature. There are many luxury condos and homes for rent, but they are constructed in wooded areas and not stacked on top of other properties. You never feel like there is traffic in the area and walking is the way to go.

Nosara is home to people from all over the world, and the restaurants and other businesses reflect this. You will find great dining options.

Nosara is also famous for its surfing. Playa Guiones has many beach breaks that are perfect for beginner to advanced surfers. Surf tournaments are frequently held in Nosara, but the beach also provides options for beginners. There is lots of room so do not worry about being in over your head with some of the great surfers in the area.

Choosing a vacation rental in Nosara can be difficult because there are so many options. You can choose from rental houses and condos that are a quick walk to the beach or further up into the hills with incredible ocean views of the Pacific. Cheaper accommodations such as condominiums and apartments can be found an easy walk to the beach as well. A rental car is recommended as getting into Nosara requires travel along a dirt road. Once you arrive at your vacation rental in Nosara, you may not need to use it much.