Osa Peninsula Vacation Rentals

A visit to the Osa Peninsula of Costa Rica is a dream for nature lovers. Corcovado National Park is huge and is home to an incredible variety of flora and fauna including Scarlet Macaws nesting in the trees along the beaches.

Arrive in the lower parts of the Osa Peninsula passing through the coastal town of Puerto Jimenez, a small harbor with many fishing boats and home to many of the commercial establishments in the area. You may need to collect keys to your Osa vacation rental from owners and managers based in Puerto Jimenez.

Holiday home rentals in the Osa Peninsula are oriented to blend in with the abundant nature in the area. You will not find any high density developments and many homes in the Osa combine indoor and outdoor living areas, some with solar energy as well. Besides the stunning natural wealth of the area, you will find hiking, surfing and kayaking in the area.

Choose a vacation rental in the Osa Peninsula if you want to be away from it all and enjoy some of the most incredible biodiversity on Planet Earth.

Search the many areas available in the Osa:

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