Costa Rica Rain Forest Rentals

Costa Rica is home to 5% of the world’s biodiversity.  That means tons of incredible plants and animals. Much of that can be found in the rain or cloud forests in Costa Rica.

The most famous areas associated with rain and cloud forests are Monteverde and Santa Elena along with the La Fortuna area around Arenal Volcano. These are small town areas with easy access to the national parks.

Weather tends to be colder in the rain forests due to their altitude so homes are typically built with more insulation and of course to be water proof.

Rentals in cloud forests in Costa Rica may be in other lesser known locations as well.

The things that draw people to these areas is the biodiversity. You will find tons of species of tropical birds, monkeys, sloths, cats and other animals. The plant side of the equation is just as diverse.

There are also lots of outdoor activities in and around the rain forests includings hiking, canopy tours, bird-watching, river rafting, and other activities that put people in close proximity with nature.

You can rent homes and apartments in these areas on a vacation or permanent basis.

Rain Forest Rentals in Costa Rica