Costa Rica Resort Rentals

Costa Rica is home to some fabulous resorts along the coasts. These are large gated communities that front the ocean.

Some resort communities encompass thousands of acres such as Hacienda Pinilla and Reserva Conchal or are incorporated with marinas such as Los Sueños and the Flamingo Marina Resort.

Some of the larger ones have named communities within them that consist of either condominiums or single family homes.

The advantages of resort communities are that they are a controlled environment. Security is an ever present and entrance is only granted to those with legitimate business on the property, at least in theory. Most resort communities in Costa Rica have twenty four hour security with gated entry for vehicles. Occupants will need to be registered to gain access.

They also tend to have a manicured feel because condominium law is used to create building restrictions in terms of size and style but also to enforce mowing of yards and ways that things can be stored. Even in communities where lots are sold for future construction, you will find houses of similar styles and sizes to create unified feel. You will also find yards in good condition and things of that nature.

Costa Rica resorts rentals are typically found within communities that also have full time residents. There will be a mix of owners, long term tenants, and vacation rentals.

Amenities are typically abundant in resort communities. The larger ones have golf courses. Most have at least one restaurant and those that have hotels within the community typically have many. You can also find boat slips.