Costa Rica Villa Rentals

Costa Rica Villa Rentals are a great way to spend a vacation or an option for a full time residence.  You will find so many options.  The term “villa” is used loosely so be aware that you may find both homes and condos referred to as villas.

Villas in Costa Rica for rent can be very stylish, such as the Courtyard Villas found in Playa Langosta or they can be more modest accommodations such as Villas Sol in Playa Hermosa. These are both examples of condominiums.

You will also find many luxury single family homes referred to as villas.

You may find all kinds of extras including swimming pools, garages, jacuzzis, saunas, fountains, bars, ping pong tables and more.

You may also find properties that have quarters for live-in staff such as gardeners, maids and cooks.

Beach front mansions are also called villas, so just be careful that you are sure you know what you are getting before renting!