2014: The Rise of Spherical Photography?

Read Wired magazine or other technology publications and you will see various start-ups offering spherical cameras, many of which look like soccer balls.

Spherical photos are really a series of individual photos stitched together and smoothed. The new cameras are really a series of cameras pointed in different directions that take a synchronized photo in every direction.

Apps that create synchronized photos from a smart device have to be moved around to every angle, which works fine for inanimate objects but not so well with movement.

Wired has a great article here about one competitor who was at the latest Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas: http://www.wired.com/gadgetlab/2014/01/panono-ball/

Spherical Photo Taken with Nexus 4 at Tamarindo Rivermouth

Spherical Photo Taken with Nexus 4 at Tamarindo Rivermouth

Here at For Rent Costa Rica, we are already being approached by various people that want to sell us spherical photography as a service: both the actual taking of the photos and the hosting of the photo such that the user will be able to navigate within the listing. Although we do not produce the photos of the listings we offer internally, we think this service would be of great value to our users.

We are totally in favor of offering spherical photography in our listings! We think tenants will love being able to see the property’s highlights from the perspective of standing there and looking around.

What options does an owner have to get spherical photos?

  1. Look to a manager. We think that managers may adopt this technology to get a competitive advantage over others in their area and pony up for a spherical camera themselves.
  2. Find a service such as We Get Around that allows you borrow the equipment to capture the data and then also creates and hosts the embedded viewer to add to the listing.
  3. Do It Yourself – Google’s Nexus 4 and Nexus 5 phones have a built in spherical photo option as part of the phone app. Bubbli is an app you can download if you are an iPhone user.

Check back to the In the News section of For Rent Costa Rica for more on this emerging tool for displaying real estate and improving your rental marketing.

Check out this embedded shot of Ryan Seacrest.

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