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Playa Dominicalito 5k/10k Walk/Run Sunday March 1st, 2015 7AM

Sunday, March 1st, 2015 at 7 AM is the 7th annual Playa Dominicalito 5K/10K Walk/Run that starts on Playa Dominicalito. The race is organized so that 100% of the registration benefits the lifeguards at Playa Hermosa and the animal welfare organization D.A.W.G. that rescues dogs in our area. The local public elementary school receives funds based on the number of kids that do the Toucan 2K, run entirely on the beach. The course includes the beach, some jungle, steep mountains (for part of the 10K), a little village and a couple small rivers to cross (bridges optional). Many participants bring their dogs to give them a little exercise too. There are several locations to sign up in the Dominical / Uvita / San Isidro / Quepos / Cortez area and additional information can be requested at


Sunday, March 1st is the 2015 date of the 7th annual Playa Dominicalito 5K/10K Walk/Run that starts and finishes directly below the development on Playa Dominicalito. It starts at 7 am sharp. It was the first ever event like this in the area when we created it and we were told that if 20 people showed up including our volunteers, then consider it a success. That first year we had 28 volunteers and 156 participants (some were both). Since then it has been about the same size. We have had several officials from the government sports agency ask us to “go big” because it has a lot of Costa Rican elements incorporated into the course including the beach, some jungle, mountains, a little village and a couple small rivers to cross (bridges optional) but we have resisted and it remains a small event. Many have participated every year.

96FD539D-A409-45C5-9150-864274353A27The expenses to put on the event are fully funded by us with the help of commissions we receive from many of the local tour groups and car rental companies we recommend as well as a few donations by national (and one international) companies. This allows 100% of the registration fees to go towards the lifeguards at Playa Hermosa and the animal welfare organization D.A.W.G. that rescues dogs. The local public elementary school receives funds based on the number of kids that do the Toucan 2K that is run entirely on the beach. Last year there were very few running due to school be out but we hope we can get them to come out this year. Additionally, many of the local restaurants and tourist businesses donate dinners/lunches, massages and adventure tour certificates that are given away during a random drawing at the end of the event to participants and volunteers.

Attached is a document with information about the race. You can sign up at our office or several other places in the area. Assignments for volunteers includes attending to the several water stations we have along the course, selling race shirts, helping with registration the day of the race (and you can still participate in the event) or taking photos to be placed on our Facebook site.

FRCR Powering Costa Rica Happy

C R Happy LOGOHere at For Rent Costa Rica, we are very excited to be powering Costa Rica Happy, a site with tons of resources for transplants to Costa Rica from Niki Meeks and her family, who migrated to Atenas from Texas.

You may also know Costa Rica Happy by its former name, Discovering Atenas. The rebrand is representative of Niki’s expansion of the available resources to cover the whole country.

Costa Rica Happy gives visitors many interesting ideas for areas of the country to visit, healthcare, education, gardening tips, lifestyle tips, Spanish language assistance and more.

A CR LOGONiki and her husband Matt along with their three children are having the time of their lives and also doing some very entrepreneurial endeavors. You may soon find their name synonymous with their latest culinary creation, Carne Rico. Along with their family, the pair brought along their recipe for Texas style beef jerky. Look for Carne Rico in a growing list of locations across Costa Rica. Launches

For those of you that follow happenings at For Rent Costa Rica, you’ll be aware that we have a large number of visitors in both English and Spanish.

After a series of revisions, we now have up and running for our visitors who prefer to work in Spanish.

You will find all the same properties available as well as the ability to share and email interesting properties to friends and family.

What other improvements would you like to see from For Rent Costa Rica?  We are always looking for the best ways to serve our customers!

Press Release: Where Is Costa Rica?

Read our press release based on recent survey results:

Surprising results from a research survey commissioned by the rental website, revealed that less than 40 percent of all Americans can locate the Central American nation of Costa Rica on a map given five multiple choice options.

The research survey “Where Is Costa Rica?” found that only 36.8 percent of the 1,007 respondents could accurately locate the nation on a map showing Central America and the Caribbean. The results, which have been made available to the publichere, reveal that individuals 65+ were more likely to answer correctly.

Respondents with age between 18 – 25 correctly chose Costa Rica 29.6% of the time, while respondents age 65+ were correct 45.8% of the time.

mapSurvey Methodology

Using the Google Consumer Surveys platform, a generalized population of internet users were asked a survey question which included an unlabeled map of Central America and four highlighted countries: Belize, Jamaica, Puerto Rico and Costa Rica. Respondents could also select a fifth choice, “None of the above.”

Survey Results

The correct answer locating Costa Rica, choice D, was chosen by 36.8 percent of respondents with a margin of error, +3.6 / -3.5 percent; 17.2 percent of respondents selected Belize; 14.3 percent of respondents chose Puerto Rico; 12.0 percent of respondents thought the answer was Jamaica; and 19.7 percent of respondents believed the correct answer was not shown on the map.

Age Divide

In unweighted percentages and with a larger reported margin of error, only 29.6 percent of young adults ages 18-24 years old correctly identified Costa Rica, and 29.8 percent of adults ages 25-34 selected the right answer. Respondents between ages 35 – 44 found the right country at a rate of 37.8 percent while those between ages 45-54 identified Costa Rica at a rate of 40.3 percent. The rate for selecting the correct answer dropped slightly to 37 percent for the age group 55-64. Respondents in the age bracket 65 of older achieved the most accuracy with nearly half, or 45.8 percent correctly identifying Costa Rica.

One of the most surprising findings was the number of individuals shown the survey that did not respond – approximately 40 percent, suggesting that many Americans did not wish to even attempt to locate the nation on the map, a potential indication that the actual number of Americans who can successfully locate Costa Rica is less than the research found.

Implications of the Research

The survey data from “Where Is Costa Rica?” indicates that the majority of Americans do not recognize the location of Costa Rica on a map. Coupled with the fact that the vast majority of tourists vacationing in Costa Rica are American citizens, there is significant value in building awareness of Costa Rica to an American audience. In fact, in 2011 approximately 859,000 American citizens arrived in Costa Rica, a number that has more than doubled since 2002, according to the Costa Rica Tourism Statistical Yearly Report.

For Eddie Davis, CEO of Apollo International Solutions, the company who developed, this research begins to answer one of his long held questions.  “I’ve met many Americans, even already in Costa Rica, that think Costa Rica is an island.  Now I have an idea of how prevalent that belief is.”  The most likely cause is confusion between Puerto Rico, an island in the Caribbean and US Territory, and Costa Rica.  Over 30% of respondents believed Costa Rica was either Jamaica or Puerto Rico, both island nations.

There were also some interesting results with regards to age demographics.  Many businesses in Costa Rica are targeting retirees from North America either for relocation or medical tourism.  The survey seems to indicate that Costa Rica is already firmly on US Senior Citizens’ map.

The survey was produced by Online Marketing Agency Picobarn, on behalf of an online provider of Costa Rica rental marketing.