Escazu Commercial Rentals

Escazu borders Sabana Oeste and is a short drive from downtown San Jose. It is also very easy to get to Santa AnaCiudad Colon and Alajuela via the highway.

Commercial rentals in Escazu, especially the old part, further up the hill include many small shops of all nature including offices, printing, mechanics, clothing and more. Many of these options are on the ground floor of buildings with residential apartments on top, although now there are full commercial centers even in the older part of Escazu.

As development has increased, the size of construction has grown.

Multiplaza is the name of the huge mall located just off the highway. Plaza Roble is a large office center just across the street.  There are also a number of larger commercial establishments off of Calle Los Anonos and in the Trejos Montealegre area. Shopping is a definite draw in Escazu.

Escazu is a very trendy and upscale area and you will find many establishments that cater to wealthy nationals and the numerous expatriots that live in the area. Imported art, furniture, appliances and vehicles can be found in the area.

Avenida Escazu is the most recent development in Escazu to generate a buzz. Located on the pista to Santa Ana, there are loft style apartments, high end clothing stores with imported brands, a food court and IMAX and more.

There are restaurants with food from all over the world.

Offices are home to engineering, law and other firms. Many multinationals have their Costa Rican home in Escazu.

Escazu commercial rentals have a huge variety in size and type, but generally will be more expensive than other areas in the Central Valley due to the high end neighbors and proximity to everything.