San Jose Commercial Rentals

San Jose, Costa Rica is the commercial center of the country. The downtown area is highly developed with tall office buildings, all kinds of retail, restaurants, apartments and more. Traffic is congested and navigation is difficult for non-natives due to lack of signage.

This page refers to the area of the city between La Sabana on the west and San Pedro on the east side. Other areas just outside of the downtown part of San Jose have their own pages.

Commercial rentals in San Jose are heavily trafficked by pedestrians and public transportation. Parking for personal vehicles is very limited and should be a consideration if employees will want to drive to work. Exposure in most of the downtown area is excellent and almost all roads get heavy traffic. Paseo Colon is the most prominent road in downtown San Jose and has some of the more prestigious inhabitants.

Security is also an issue. Most commercial establishments have full time security but it should be noted in any lease whether the tenant shall provide security or it is included with the rent.

Access to establishments close to Calle Las Rotundas is typically easier than those that are in the middle of downtown although it also gets congested at peak hours.

Many of  the smaller neighborhoods in San Jose have names as well that are not included in because they are very similar in composition.