Santa Cruz Commercial Rentals

For a town outside of the Central Valley, Santa Cruz, Costa Rica is fairly populated. Commercial rentals in Santa Cruz serve the population but also the surrounding areas such as the coastal areas of Marbella, Junquillal, Playa Negra, Avellanas, Hacienda Pinilla, Tamarindo and Flamingo.

Getting to Santa Cruz is easy via the highway that comes from the Liberia Airport and passes through Nicoya on its way down the Nicoya Peninsula.

Santa Cruz commercial properties mostly are more traditional store fronts or office fronts built next to each other in crowded city streets. There are not really commercial centers built with adequate parking at this time. Pedestrian traffic is a big factor in Santa Cruz.

For larger hardware stores and mechanics, a location along the highway or outside of the busiest part of Santa Cruz around the square is preferable.