Free Standing Rentals

Free standing real estate in Costa Rica is exactly as the name implies – a structure unattached to another structure. They can be found throughout the entire country, from rural areas, to beach towns, to large commercial centers. Sizes vary tremendously as well and can be something as small as a sidewalk kiosk, to a multi-level building. However, in all cases, you are the only tenant, which has both its advantages and disadvantages.

The biggest benefit to being the sole tenant in a free standing structure is that everything is simplified. There is no concern over sharing parking or signage and the threat of damage to your space due to fire, flood or any other calamity occurring in another unit is eliminated.

The location of a Costa Rica free standing structure is probably the most important consideration. Because you do not have the advantage of the traffic generated by an anchor store or a multi-unit structure, you will need to choose your location very carefully. It may be advantageous to find a building that is adjacent to a commercial center, bank, or grocery store in order to increase your visibility as these businesses draw a steady flow of clientele. In more rural areas or smaller towns, this may not be an option so you may want to find a space that is along the primary commercial district that has the most foot traffic.

Parking with a free standing structure can be a challenge as well. Some properties may have their own paved allotted spaces, especially in the larger commercial centers; others may rely strictly on street parking; and yet others may have no parking whatsoever. In rural areas, it is not uncommon for customers to simply pull off to the side of the road. However, in most of the smaller towns, parking is very limited within the commercial district and may be “free” parking, available to all, whether they be consumers, residents, or beachgoers.