Free Trade Zones – Zonas Francas

When a company is seeking to establish manufacturing facilities for high quality output, excellent tax incentives, and lower costs, there is no better option than Costa Rica, especially within its industrial free trade zones.

Costa Rica’s eight free trade zones are industrial parks that lease or sell world-class facilities. These are normally designed for operations that: A) import raw materials, B) manufacture, assemble, process, and/or market products or services and C) export them.

The main Free Trade Zone Parks are located near the country’s main airport, Juan Santamaria International Airport. The free trade zones are as close as 4.5 miles to the main airport.

Companies in the free trade zone parks may enjoy a variety of services such as on-site Customs Office, postal office, and banks. The free trade zone parks also offer other on-site services such as security, maintenance, childcare, and garbage collection.

If you establish your company in the designated zone you also receive prompt approval of the privileged “Free Trade Zone Status.” Companies located in free trade zones operate largely tax and duty-free.

The free trade zones offer a series of tax incentives, rapid and simplified customs procedures, and unrestricted handling of foreign currency.