Mall Spaces For Rent

Costa Rica malls can be found in populated areas as the country is fairly developed and consumer culture is going strong. Foot traffic will include families, single people, and groups of teenagers.  Mall traffic is heavier in the evenings after most people get off of work and on the weekends.

The premiers of new movies at the malls that have theaters cause a spike in traffic as do store and restaurant openings.

San Jose itself has quite a few.  The largest are Mall San Pedro, Multiplaza del Este (Curridibat), Multiplaza Escazu, Terra Mall (road to Cartago), Plaza Cariari (road to San Jose airport), and Paseo de Las Flores (Heredia).  There are also smaller malls with less publicity including Plaza Rohrmoser, Plaza del Sol (San Pedro), and Plaza Mayor (Rohrmoser).

Malls in Costa Rica have stores of all types including clothing, appliances, video games, electronics, jewelry, sporting goods, and other items as well as a food court and usually a movie theater. Products offered are from all of over the world.

Most malls in Costa Rica have secure parking as well.

Renting in a Costa Rica mall will more than likely be more expensive than in a smaller complex but the foot traffic might be worth it. All of the stores benefit from sharing space and the fact that a shopper might be looking for one thing and find another in another store.

That said, the most desirable locations are near the entrances or next to the anchor tenants. Typically, being on the main level is more desirable.