Warehouse Rentals

Warehouses for rent in Costa Rica offer many business possibilities including manufacturing, large retail stores, logistics, office centers, storage and other uses.

The term “bodega” means a storage place or warehouse and is used commonly in the country to mean something similar to “warehouse.” At one time, there was a chain of stores called Maxibodega that has since been bought out.

At the Solarium project in Liberia, warehouses are in use for logistics and as stores such as a hotel supply and furniture store.

A bodega is typically a large space with high ceilings that can be converted into many options. Roofs are typically zinc on a steel structure.

You will find mechanics and hardware stores throughout the country in spaces that could also be called bodega or warehouse.

You will find this type of construction around the country with various finishing and sizes. Larger options are available in the Central Valley and near the two airports as well as in the coastal areas with ports, Caldera and Limon.

Some are located within secured industrial parks whereas others are stand alone and require full time security.