Costa Rica Long Term Rentals

Like most places in the world, a long term residential rental in Costa Rica can take many shapes and sizes.  In general, the real estate market in Costa Rica uses similar terminology to that found in North America as there is such an expatriot community in the country, so For Rent Costa Rica uses the same terminology.

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Costa Rica long term residential properties are usually rented monthly and may be fully furnished, partially furnished, or completely empty.  Usually in a residential lease, the utilities are paid by the tenant: cable, internet, water, and power.  Owners typically pay the taxes, insurance and condominium fees if applicable. Most landlords will require a security deposit of at least one month’s rent equivalant and there may be additional deposits for pets.

townhouses300In more touristy areas, there are many homes, condos and apartments that were bought for use as second homes that are now rented long term, and these are more likely to be rented furnished. In the Central Valley and more non-touristy areas, long term residential properties for lease typically are offered unfurnished. You can find furnished properties in the Central Valley as well, but expect to pay more. These types of options work well for executives stationed in Costa Rica and recent transplants who are consideirng a permanent move to paradise.

We recommend a basic familiarity with lease law prior to entering into a contract. Be sure that any documents you sign are in your language or that you have a trustworthy translation. There are attorneys who speak English, French, German and other languages with real estate specializations readily available throughout the country if needed.

Additionally, you may be interested in reading more about the types of properties available for long term lease as well as the various locations in the country that typically have inventory of available residential properties for rent.

Coastal, mountain and urban settings are all available with economical to luxury accommodations available. Where do you want to live?

Common types of long term residential properties found in Costa Rica:

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