Jaco Long Term Rentals

A rental in Jaco puts you in the middle of one of Costa Rica’s busiest and largest beach towns, which has grown in large part because it is roughly an hour from the Central Valley, which has become an easier drive since the toll road leaving Ciudad Colon opened.

Jaco From CliffJaco sits on a flat piece of land on a large bay that opens onto the Pacific. The beach is sandy and long.

The town grew remarkably during the real estate boom of the mid 2000s. There are more condominium rental options in Jaco than perhaps any other beach town on either coast of Costa Rica.

Unlike many of the other beach areas, there are not immediately green hills rising from the beach, so ocean view properties typically exist in condominium towers. The towers of Jaco are the tallest outside of the Central Valley.

There is a lot of night life in the area. Many bars and restaurants cater to both international tourists and the weekend crowd down from San Jose.

Jaco BeachUnlike many of the smaller beach towns, Jaco has a real town functioning town with full size supermarkets, appliance and electronic stores, etc. and serves as the hub for other beach areas in the region that are less developed such as Playa Hermosa and Esterillos.

There are affordable rental options without ocean views and the high end luxury segment of the rental market is dominated by ocean view condos. Because there are not ocean views hills in the immediate area, there are not many ocean views for rent in Jaco, unlike other areas.

Think of Jaco as more of a town that happens to be on the beach than a town just for tourists. It is the commercial center of its section of the Pacific Coast.