Costa Rica Homes For Rent

Costa Rica homes for rent vary in construction based on their location.  To simplify matters, we will describe the types of homes available based on three locations: mountain, beach, and city.

Sometimes the phrase “typical home” is used in the country to describe the most common type of Costa Rica house construction.  A “typical” home in Costa Rica is a rectangular concrete block home with a vaulted ceiling under an aluminum or zinc roof that may be covered with synthetic or real barrel tile.  These homes typically have a porch facing the street.

Rental Homes in Costa Rica

Costa Rica homes for rent can vary a great deal in architectural style, however.  There is everything from Colonial to Post-Modern archictecture.

Lots vary a great deal as well.  In urban areas and certain planned communities, they are essentially zero lot line or built exactly to the property boundaries, so you may see what appears to be a condo and is actually a single family home.

In other locations and within many of gated communities sprouting up around the country, lots are spacious and often unfenced. You will see this style of home in areas like Santa Ana in the outskirts of San Jose and in gated communities such as Hacienda Pinilla and Reserva Conchal.

Construction materials in Costa Rica most often include block and rebar but there are also steel frames, wooden structures, and other types of construction.  Floors are typically tile or wood.

By location the types of home in Costa Rica are the following:

  • Costa Rica Mountain Homes For Rent
  • Costa Rica Beach Houses For Rent
  • Costa Rica City Homes For Rent


As you would expect, beach front and ocean view homes are more expensive in coastal areas. Larger homes in more exclusive neighborhoods are more expensive in urban areas of the Cental Valley. Many homes are in gated communities with amenities that cost the owner on a monthly basis so that typically translates to higher rents.

Read up on vacation rentals and long term rentals to know the difference in terms.