Costa Rica Lofts For Rent

Lofts in Costa Rica are a newer phenomena. There are a few old buildings in downtown San Jose that have been converted to lofts in the traditional way of creating them.

Costa Rica LoftsMost lofts in the country are built from scratch, however, as part of planned communities, typically above commercial space and are for sale so there are not a lot of lofts for rent in Costa Rica.

There are two new urbanism projects in the country that have apartments that could be considered lofts. Avenida Escazu is along the highway between San Jose and Santa Ana in Escazu, and Solarium is just across the street from the Liberia Airport.

Architecturally, lofts are characterized by high ceiling and open floor plans as you would find in other parts of the world. Large windows are common. These dwellings often only have one sleeping area and could also be considered studios.

At this time lofts are found mostly in the Central Valley in high density areas although there are some exceptions such as the apartments across the street from the Liberia Airport.