Costa Rica Studio Apartments For Rent

Studio apartments in Costa Rica are generally defined as a large, multi-purpose room with a kitchen, dining and sleeping area and an attached bathroom. Typically, there is no “bedroom” but a bed in the midst of everything else. Some may have porches or patios or other types of external areas.

Like other apartments, rent is usually paid monthly with utilities including electric, water, cable and internet covered by the tenant as well.  Other arrangements exist as well where the unit is part of a larger complex without shared utilities.

Studios for rent in Costa Rica typically are an affordable option but may be pricey as well in certain luxury areas such as very close to the beach or in trendy areas of the San Jose suburbs.

You may find studios attached to larger homes or in typical apartment buildings or commercial buildings converted into lofts. They can also be free standing buildings, in which case they may be referred to as “cabinas.” Lofts in Costa Rica are typically found only in the central valley around San Jose.

Some studios may be furnished and rented as vacation options. Others are unfurnished and striclty a long term rental option.