Costa Rica Vacation Homes for Large Groups? 20+ to 50+

Visitors from the all over the world come to Costa Rica seeking to reunite with family and friends to enjoy a tropical vacation with a touch of adventure.

Larger homes in Costa Rica will accommodate groups of 14-20 but that is typically the absolute maximum for a single family home. Wedding parties and other groups are often much larger and perhaps looking for a more affordable price point.

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What to do? For Rent Costa Rica to the rescue.


Los Altos – 28 Units Available with Pool, Restaurant, Spa and Nearly Private Pool on the Grounds

Travelers may rent an entire complex or as many units as needed with enough lead time through For Rent Costa Rica. Popular destinations such as Tamarindo and Manuel Antonio are already available through the site with more on the way.

Vacation rentals for large groups in Costa Rica will be divided up between multiple villas in complexes like Pueblo Colonial in Tamarindo. Family groups can stay in a unit while both sides of a wedding can get to know each other at the complex and on excursions.

Each villa has a private kitchen, full furniture, and plenty of private space as well as socializing space at the pool, barbecue area and in the gardens.

What About Weddings and Other Events?

The Pool at Pueblo Colonial

The Pool at Pueblo Colonial

In most cases events are welcome as long as the entire or significant portion of the property is rented. Usually there is an additional fee included to cover any damage and additional clean up caused by large parties.

The pool deck and surrounding gardens at Pueblo Colonial are an option for an event or you might want to get married on the beach!

Can My Huge Group Afford to Rent in Costa Rica?

Absolutely. Renting for large groups in vacation rentals is very economical, especially when compared with hotels.

Consider the 2015 prices at Pueblo Colonial (mentioned above). These rates are for the entire complex for a one week (7 night) stay for 49 people:

Low Season: $7000/week ($143US/person)

High Season: $9550/week ($195US/person)

For a hotel of a similar quality, the price might be $50 to $150/person per night!

Renting an condo complex is a not just a great idea for fun in the sun, but also a smart way to treat family and friends to an unforgettable vacation.

 Timing Is Everything: Book Early for Large Properties

Every year the For Rent Costa Rica reservations department gets inundated with folks looking for last minute properties for large groups.  Of course, large properties always go first.

For a complex that rents units individually, the wise traveler will book even earlier to insure that no individual units have been booked already.

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