Marbella Vacation Rentals

Current Marbella Vacation Rentals
A hidden gem in Guanacaste,  Marbella, Costa Rica is tucked away below Paraiso on the Gold Coast of the Nicoya Peninsula.

IMG_3126Surfers have known about Marbella for many years with beautiful sandy beach with multiple breaks to explore. The little town of Marbella is quaint with the typical soccer field at the center that doubles as the bull ring during fiesta season. Marbella is home to a few small restaurants and hotels.

What most people don’t realize is that Marbella is home to some incredible vacation rental homes hidden away in the hills. Large lots with abundant natural beauty, wild animals passing through, and expansive Pacific Ocean views make for great locations for a tranquil, pampered vacation.

Your architectural interest will be piqued by some of the newly constructed eco-modern luxury homes with rooftop gardens and other unique features.

Do not let the tranquility fool you, concierge service is just a phone call away. Search our current vacation rentals in Marbella and send an inquiry to reserve a home in paradise.