Yoga Retreats

Costa Rica is a health obsessed country with little obesity.  Additionally, some of the most spectacular beauty on earth can be found here.  Those two things make it a perfect vacation destination for practitioners of yoga and indeed there are studios throughout the country.

Yoga studios will usually offer an all inclusive plan, either with private catering or a restaurant on site, commonly with very nutritious foods, vegetarian based and typically sourced in Costa Rica. Many offer cleansing as well.

Most retreats will be large enough that there are multiple practice areas including a pavilion for practicing postures, separate places for mediation, and perhaps a spa for treatments. The idea of a good yoga retreat should be to create a healing atmosphere.

Costa Rica Yoga RetreatsMost studios do not expect you to bring your own equipment.  Mats, bolsters and blocks are typically provided on site.

For larger groups, the options open up.  With sufficient guests, the retreats may allow for an exclusive use of the facilities assuming there is space in the schedule. Retreats vary from one day up to longer than a month so plan ahead if you are looking for exclusive use as many offer community events, classes and workshops.

In addition to yoga and healing activities, many retreats offer trips into the surrounding parts of Costa Rica to enjoy the natural beauty of the area and other activities such as hiking, bird watching, snorkeling, surfing and other activities.