Photo Tips for Rental Marketing

Marketing real estate is a lot like marketing other products. There is a physical object or space to market, but what you are really selling is a feeling.

Professional photographers understand this intrinsically and are great if you can afford them. You will  be able to find them shortly on  However, hiring one may not be an option due to time or budget constraints.

In vacation rental marketing, the feeling that someone will have and will share with their friends or family when renting that property is what will cause them to swipe a credit card.

Words are great but photos are so much better at conveying the feel of a place.

Are You Selling the Blues? Why So Much Gray?

Cameras are getting better, for sure, even on smart phones, but we still see many photos on listings that could be so much better with just  a little bit of adjustment to get rid of the gray.

Brightness and Contrast Adjustment: Your Two Best Friends

Before Retouching

Before Retouching


This photo is an aerial taken from an airplane on a cloudy day over Playa Langosta with a cheap, point and shoot camera. Note how the tone of the whole photo is very similar (depressing). The buildings are various earth tones and one wild blue looking building, the flora is green, and the sand is tan, but all of the color is washed out.



Contrast and Brightness Adjusted



This is the exact same photo after some minor adjustments on a free photo editing, cloud based program. Note how the buildings now stand out from the trees better, the whole scene looks much lusher, the photo itself stand outs from this page better, and you FEEL much more interested in visiting.

Which do you prefer?

Inquiry # Correlation? Yes

Listings with better photos are more appealing and generate more tenant interest in the form of inquiries. Trust us.

Free Solution

We totally understand if you do not have time or do not want to pay a photographer. A simple solution is to use a cloud based, free option. For the example above, we used  The interface is very simple.  You browse to the photo on your hard drive, make the changes, and hit save just like you would on an a desktop application.

In this case, the contrast and brightness slider are grouped together under the Adjustment tab. For the example above, we raised the contrast and lowered the brightness just a bit and saved the photo, which is now perfectly suitable for use within For Rent Costa Rica.flxr

Your Thoughts? Do You Have Another Solution?

We will be happy to add it to our resources section.

One thought on “Photo Tips for Rental Marketing

  1. Adam J. Stahura

    Good blog. I like using Picasa to edit photos. I do the same edits you do, but also add some saturation. However, I find that just hiring someone to do the photos is always worth the money.


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