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Virtual Reservation Desk? Yes, We Can

For Rent Costa Rica users may be unaware that our reservation desk is a great option for busy owners who do not wish to incur the expense of a dedicated reservation specialist.

Did you know that answering an initial inquiry within 3 hours boosts your chances of booking the rental significantly?

booking_agentsFor many rental property owner and managers, there is not enough time in the day. Using FRCR’s reservation desk means that inquiries are responded to fast and 7 days a week, so revenues increase.

You no longer have to worry about answering new vacation inquiries while you are on vacation yourself.

Your property value goes up with a strong rent roll.

You no longer have to respond in languages you don’t speak.  Our team responds in Spanish, English, Dutch and German!

Is it cost effective? Absolutely.

Pay only 10% per reservation booked with no monthly or annual fee.  There is absolutely no risk.

The requirements are simple:

  1. A public calendar must be displayed for our agents’s use.
  2. Rates must be set through December 2016.
  3. Property must be able to accept payments through Paypal.*

NOW is the time to fill your vacant weeks. Our agents are standing by.

Sign Up Now: Tenants Are Ready to Book Your Property

For multi-unit managers, our reservation desk now manages other platforms including AirBnB, VRBO and Flipkey. If you are in need of a more robust solution, please contact us for more information.

*Banco Nacional now integrates with Paypal.

Semana Santa is Sooner than You Think

For our international friends that have never experienced it, Semana Santa is a big deal. “Saint Week” is Easter week and for many Costa Ricans starts the weekend before Good Friday.

April 12th – 20th, 2014 is Semana Santa

Montezuma BeachWhat does one do during Semana Santa? Head to the beach, of course. Traditionally, Semana Santa is a time to catch up with family at the beach and relax.

Many international visitors do not realize it, but vacation rentals at the beach are typically priced at holiday rates for Semana Santa because it is such a popular week and properties fill up.

The best way to ensure you get the rental of your choice is to…

Reserve Early!!!

Yes, Semana Santa or Easter week is extremely popular and larger properties typically go first. For more information seasonal pricing, please see our Costa Rica Vacation Rental Seasons article.

Prices may