For Rent Costa Rica FAQ

  1. Does For Rent Costa Rica close bookings, charge commissions or get involved in the negotiation of a deal?

    No, FRCR charges a flat, monthly or yearly fee depending on the type of property for generating tenant inquiries sent instantaneously by email to the inbox of the owner/manager. Managers of 5 or more units should contact support to discuss their needs.

  2. Is FRCR like the big box, American vacation rental companies?

    No. Those services work for generating US-based, English speaking tenants. FRCR has found that you can use all of those and still have significant vacancies. FRCR intentionally targets different market segments that DO NOT overlap with those services. You will not typically get the same tenants as those provide. FRCR is also cheaper and has a massive resources section about Costa Rica.

  3. My photos are dark/gray...what can I do?

    Try this great FREE cloud-based solution. Full instructions here:

  4. How much control do I have over my listing?

    Go ahead and sign up to see FRCR's control panel. You will not be charged for uploading a test property. User's can change text including features, descriptions and prices as well as upload and take down photos at any time. For long term and commercial listings, user's can also change the available or "move-in" date.

  5. Can I run specials?

    Yes, you are free to edit your prices as you see fit. If you would like extra help highlighting your price in FRCR's social media, please send us an email. Last minute specials are a great option!

  6. My monthly property is now leased...will I lose my listing?

    No. Your listing will remain dormant until you need it again. You will not be charged while it is dormant. We suggest that you reactivate your listing 3 months prior to your tenant's move out date to reduce the risk of vacancy.

  7. What methods of payment does FRCR accept?

    At this time Visa, Mastercard, Discover and Amex are available through the site directly. If you prefer to use Paypal, please contact support to receive a Paypal invoice.

  8. How can I contact FRCR support?

    Send us an email. Support is happy to assist you with technical issues, translation, and marketing recommendations to maximize the tenant inquiries on your property.